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Commissioner Ryan Sitton Talks Energy Opportunities at TXOGA Lone Star Energy Forum


Southlake, Texas. October 21, 2017

Texas Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton today spoke to members of the energy industry, elected officials and academics at the Texas Oil and Gas Association's Lone Star Energy Forum. The conference explored the growing demand for Texas energy in world markets. 

"Nations around the world are now looking to Texas to fill their energy needs for things like transportation fuels, heating, cooking and electricity generation," Sitton said. "Texas produces 41 percent more energy than it consumes and that percentage will continue to grow as the energy industry does what it does best - innovate. We have the opportunity of a lifetime to bolster our economy, enhance our national security and provide clean burning, affordable and reliable energy to countries around the world, and we've only just begun. Investing in energy transportation infrastructure like ports and pipelines will allow Texas to displace Russian and Middle Eastern energy, making America more competitive."

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