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Swim Coach Indicted In Southlake Student Drowning Death


Southlake, Texas. August 5, 2017

Former Carroll ISD Coach, Tracy Anne Boyd was charged with abandonment and endangering a child by criminal negligence in the drowning death of 13 year-old Elise Cerami.

Boyd’s attorney, Dan Hagood told CBS11: “Ms. Boyd is innocent. It’s a tragic death of a little girl but it sure wasn’t the result of a crime.”

The Cerami family sent CBS11 the following statement:

Thank you for reaching out to us about Tracey Boyd’s indictment. Since our daughter’s death, we have been channeling our energy into water safety programs, drawing attention to the risks of drowning even by experienced swimmers.  We have shared Elise’s story and her passion for the water via the Swim4Elise Foundation. In addition, we have worked to heighten water safety awareness through the annual Run4Elise 5K fundraiser, the Lifeguard Challenge and our daycare outreach programs. We are doing our best to make a positive change in water safety and our hearts go out to other families who have lost a child to drowning.  The charge against Tracey Boyd describes her conduct and we believe that the district attorney will devote the full resources of their office to the case against Boyd. While the court system proceeds with the grand jury’s indictment, our efforts will continue in water safety and drowning prevention.  

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