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Southlake Mayor Shares Her View on Future Growth


Southlake, Texas. August 5, 2017

In an NBC 5 news story, Southlake Mayor Laura Hill shares her views on future growth for the city...

Southlake Mayor Laura Hill's favorite place is a balcony at Town Hall, where one can see out over Southlake Town Square.

"You are standing in a place in a town center that did not even exist 20 years ago. So, it has been an amazing transformation," Hill said.

Hill watched it all happen. She has lived in Southlake since 1996, but began visiting her parents in Southlake in the 1980s.

"I actually even remember earlier than that visiting my mom and dad here in the '80s for Christmas, and we would have to look for the water tower on (Highway) 114. It was only two lanes each way, and cut across the grass median to turn onto what is now a major road," she said.

The city is about 90-percent built out when it comes to homes, but more businesses are coming.

Hill is concerned about growth but believes the people will keep the community what it is.

"I think what we have figured out, the secret sauce, is that you are going to grow. There is property on all of our major highways and roads that is still available to be developed. So you are going to grow, but how, more importantly, do you keep that sense of community? Because at the end of the day it isn't a small town that makes us special. It is the type of town we have become, and that sense of spirit and that sense of community," Hill said.

Source: Southlake Mayor Says There Is Still Room for Town to Grow - NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth 
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